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Collective Work Relations

The difficulty is not to be right, but to make others think alike.
That’s the most basic challenge for each aspiring manager, make your co-workers believe in your plan of action. Negotiations with labour unions can also be difficult.
Brad Consulting, as a consultant group has a wide array of experiences in supporting negotiations with social leaders, as well as motivating them to conduct required changes.
It also possesses a rich experience in formulation and negotiations of collective labour agreements creating documents.


  • Collective work relations audit
    • Employee opinions research
    • Social climate research
    • Changes acceptability research, with attention to the strategy aspects
    • Managers' expectations for social relations changes research
    • Challenges and dangers (people, management system, support services) research
  • Collective labour agreements legal audit
    • Adequacy of the employed legal solutions to the business needs
    • Extent of possible legislative changes
    • Extent of good practices use
  • Creation of new solutions for developing collective work relations
    • Redacting and negotiating of new legal documents (collective labour agreements, work regulations, packages, etc.)
    • Creating varying and constant remuneration systems based of mutual benefits
    • Creating just work assessment systems
    • Developing management’s and employees’ skills for self-motivation and self-improvement
  • Crisis and risk management in areas of collective labour agreements
    • Identifying social risk in transformation processes
    • Creation, realization and communication of transformation processes
    • Mediating and negotiations for mutual consensus

Training courses

  • Developing collective work relations
  • Negotiations
  • Changes in labour law

Case Study

  • Gryfia S.A.: Company needed a cost reduction, as well as a work efficiency increase. The task was to conduct an employment reduction without losing any key personnel, as well as creating work conditions to increase employee motivation and commitment. Consultants suggested new employee selection rules, new remuneration system and just employee utility assessment rules. Labour union members agreed with the suggested changes, aligned with the company’s best interests, as well as with the expectations of key employees.


Various press interviews and seminar lectures

Projects list

  • Gryfia S.A. (2011-2013) - Creation of negotiations of a new work assessment and remuneration system collective labour agreement redaction, negotiations
  • Wielton (2013) - Research of managers' expectations and acceptability of changes to work culture and management system
  • ENERGA OPERATOR (2013) - Social risks of conducting PDO analysis
  • ISD Huta Częstochowa (2013) - Maintaining relations with labour unions, communication and negotiations for the PDO and outplacement program
  • Bumar Elektronika (2012) - Negotiating changes for the new remuneration system
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Adam Cichocki

CEO of BRAD Consulting
Practice Leader - Collective Work Relations
Practice Leader - Procurement Optimization

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