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Energa Operator S.A. ....

Project: Strategic counselling in selection of a proper solution to the problem of lack of competitiveness in the field of investment realization, with an emphasis on the reduction of negative social consequences.

Metinvest Holding LLC - A group concerned with integration of metallurgic and ore extraction sectors in Ukraine.

Project: Implementation of management effectiveness enhancement programs in metallurgic, coal and iron ores extraction divisions.

POLSKI KONCERN MIĘSNY DUDA S.A. - The largest meat products supplier on the polish market, with over fifty years of tradition and experience.

Project: Development and implementation of a new employee remuneration system.


Project: Preparation of a collective labour agreement termination as well as conducting the negotiation with labour unions concerning the time and organization of labour.

Project: Conducting a staff reduction (negotiations, communication, severance payment plans) due to a shutdown of a meat processing line in the Morliny meat processing plant.

Bumar Electronics - The head supplier of electronic command systems for the Polish Army.

Project: Fusion support for three companies in the areas of human resources management, designation of responsibility domains in the new organizational structure, job description and creation of new remuneration systems.

Makton SA – A distributor of a wide range of meat based products, as well as, since 2009, pork, beef, veal and poultry.

Project: Centralization of merchandise procurement and its central processes, introduction of an active product range, reserve and substitutes management systems, implementation of a periodic trade conditions revision process, implementation of procurement leverages into the procurement team’s every day’s routine (renegotiations of agreements, sourcing).

Project: Creation of a salesman remuneration system.

Project: Conducting an audit for merchandise procurement processes.

Exalo Drilling - One of the leading industries in drilling-maintenance services market in middle-east Europe, created as a special purpose daughter company of PGNiG Group.

Project: Job evaluation and creation of a consolidated remuneration policy in form of a job tariff.

Kopex Group – World’s third largest manufacturer of mining equipment and machinery.

Project: Optimization of the procurement function with an aim on additional saving introduction.

  • Creation of procurement category classification as well as estimation of saving potential for the production procurement.
  • Development of a procurement and supply processes model along with the associated organizational transformations.
  • Development of IT system adjustment recommendations in the area of procurement processes, with an estimated savings introduction of 25 million PLN per year.

Bumar S.A. - A leading supplier and exporter of weapons and military equipment, manufactured by the polish defence industry.

Project: Analysis of remuneration practices, in scope of the entire industry, for Bumar Group (16 subsidiaries).

Gdańsk Shipyard Group Towers (GSG Towers) - A well-known polish company, aiming to become the world leader in land and naval wind tower manufacturing.

Project: Strategic counselling in the area of improving the efficiency of HR management systems.

Insignia Management - A company dealing in strategies of reducing the operational costs by using the optimization of acquisitions. Unlike other procurement groups, Insignia Management offers a wide range of categories of acquisitions. Its constantly developed product range contains, among the others, the procurement of energy, telecommunication services, fuels and operating materials.

Project: Preparation of a complex concept of functioning for the procurement group based on the current central procurement division of Duda SA.

INVENA S.A. Created in 1992 by a famous Polish explorer Marek Kamiński, the company deals in distribution (wholesale) of armature and various heating and sanitary installations.

Project: Remuneration audit.

ISD Częstochowa Steelworks – The company upholds its over one hundred years old metallurgic traditions. In October 2005 it became a part of multi-national ISD Group. It’s been functioning under its current name since August 2006.

Project: Audit of the current remuneration system as well as design of a new one.

Project: Research on the employees’ opinions on the topic of changes in the organization.

ISD Poland - The main administrator of all the ISD venues in Poland. Parent company of the metallurgic consortium ISD Częstochowa Steelworks, as well as the trade company ISD Trade.

Project: Support for a program of staff reduction in a subsidiary (ISD Częstochowa Steelworks) by 1500 workers – a combination of voluntary redundancy programme and outplacement.

All Saints Rectoral Church in Lubin.

Project: Organizational efficiency audit, development of a new motivation centred remuneration and work evaluation system.

Morska Stocznia Remontowa – One of the best known shipyards in Poland, as well as abroad.

Project: Analysis of procedures and management systems in scope of efficiency deficits and possible improvements.

PGE Distribution – Created in September 2010, the company came to life as an OSD, as a result of a consolidation of 8 local companies, operating as a local distribution system operators under the PGE Capital Group, currently field divisions of PGE Distribution.

Project: Development and implementation of a periodic staff development support system, development of a staff evaluation system in the company’s headquarters.

PGNiG SA - A leader on petroleum gas market in Poland.

Project: Creating a remuneration system based on job evaluations, support and functioning development for the sale and service processes.

PGE Mining and Conventional Energy Energy - A part of one of the largest energy groups on the Polish market – PGE SA. The company deals mainly in coal mining as well as heat and electricity manufacturing.

Project: Competency profiling for key manager positions in various branches.

Project: Development Centre and Competency Profiling.

Project: Internal recruitment support.

Skippi Yachts - A producer of a wide range of conventional and motor propelled yachts with a large base of loyal customers among European sailing enthusiasts. Its main manufacturing site is a shipyard in Gliwice, previously belonging to Skipper Yachts S.A.

Project: Financial and operational restructuring plan.

Swedwood Group - A part of IKEA Industry Group, mainly tasked with maintaining IKEA’s production capabilities.

Project: Preparing a remuneration plan incorporating payment range strategies for paid per hour positions involved in manufacturing processes, presentation of the new remuneration strategy.

GRYFIA Shipyard in Szczecin – One of the best known shipyards in Poland, as well as abroad.

Project: Implementing changes to the organizational structure, human resources management restructuring, workforce restructuring, enhancement of human resources management system: organizational structure, remuneration, benefits (MBO), periodic workforce evaluation, creating a new organizational structure, job description and evaluation, remuneration system, ZUZP and negotiations with the labour unions, work evaluation systems, processes and management systems analysis in scope of inefficiency as well as potential improvements.

Wielton - One of the largest trailer manufacturers in Poland, with over 18 percent of market share, as well as one of ten leading manufacturers in Europe.

Project: Training workshops for the procurement department.

Project: “Challenges in enhancing human resources management effectiveness” workshop and questionnaire analysis.

Waterworks in Grodzisk Mazowiecki existed for over fifty years. Tasked with their maintenance, Zakład Wodociągów i Kanalizacji Sp. z o.o. has been functioning as a personal venue of Grodzisk Mazowiecki district since 2009.

Project: Creating a new motivation centred employee remuneration system, work and result management assessment.